Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Central library and all branches for The University staff and students under the network called RU-WiFi.

  • Access is given to member who has a wireless enabled device and a RU account.
  • For health and safety reason, electronic devices are not allowed to put on charge in the library
  • The library also provides access to several bibliographic and full-text electronic databases

How to connect to Wi-Fi?

  1. Scan for Wi-Fi network connection.
  2. Click on ‘Refresh network list’ to find an access point.
  3. The system will show Wi-Fi network under the name RU-WiFi (Unsecured wireless network).
  4. If RU-WiFi network cannot be located , please click ‘Refresh network list’ again.
  5. The system will find an IP address, Gateway, and DNS.
  6. User should be able to open Internet Explorer browser immediately.

Wi-Fi areas

Building 1: First floor at Hall and lecture rooms

Building 2: Second and third floor at Serial Department

Building 3: Third floor at Graduate service room and fifth floor near Conference room