Duties and responsibilities of visitors to the RU central library

Visitors using the services of the RU Central Library must comply with the specified Rules and Regulations of the Ramkhamhaeng University , B.E. 2534, relating to use of the RU Central Library. Otherwise, the Director of the RU Central Library, the officer-in-Charge, And the Librarian are empowered to proceed in accordance with Rule No. 12 of above rules and regulations.As required, visitors who wish to borrow information resources from the RU Central Library must apply for membership. Membership cards will be issued to applicants as evidence.Only RU ‘s students registered for the current semester are entitled to become members of the RU Central Library without membership cards.

Membership cards must be kept in good condition at all times. In case of damaged due to wear and tear or unexpected incidence, the RU Central Library will issue a new card free of charge. In case of loss or other cases different than previously mentioned, a fee of 100 baht will be charged for each card.

Borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss of information resources in all cases until they are returned to the library. Borrowers are also required to check the condition of the information resources before taking them out of the library.

While information resources are in the custody of borrowers, it is the responsibility of the borrowers to follow the following regulations:

In case the information resources are damaged, the borrowers must bear the cost of repair as requested by the library.

In case the information resources are damaged beyond repair or lost, borrowers must buy similar types of information resources and return them to the library plus a service charge of 100 baht per unit. If the information resources are unavailable, borrowers must provide cash equivalent to 5 times of current cost of the information resources plus a service charge of 100 baht per unit to the library.

In case it is not possible to obtain the current price of the information resources the Central Library reserves the right to establish the price as it sees fit.

The information resources reported lost, if found later, will still be the property of the RU Central Library.

Borrowers must return information resources to the Central Library Within the specified deadlines. Otherwise, they have to pay fine at the rate established by the University.