Quality objectives
  1. Provide services with speed and efficiency to satisfy all users, and to meet a satisfaction objective of eighty-five percent.
  2. Develop a quality system consistently across the organization with a goal to improve and develop at a rate of at least five percent annually.
  3. Resolve the complaints of users with speed and accuracy. If a department receives a complaint, the department must resolve the complaint within one week.
  4. Employ a number of employees within the Central Library which will not be less than seventy-five percent of the total number of employees. Updating of knowledge and skills must be undertaken at least three times per year per employee.
Quality policy

The core policy is to continue to improve with a goal of satisfying all users.


To be the central support of academic information resources in various media for academics, and social service development in order to produce high quality graduates in the Library Digital System.


To enable the digital library system to be a central source of excellence in academic research, social service development, technology transfer development, and cultural preservation.


Objectives of the digital library:

  1. Provide network information services that support efficiency in academics and research in the form of electronic databases, electronic journals, and electronic books.
  2. Optimize infrastructure to support the university network (RU – NET), the network between the university libraries, and other network information.
  3. Support access for education to undergraduate and graduate researchers through the entire university network.
  4. Improve the management services of the Central Library (Intranet)
  5. Improve management information systems to support administration and decision making.
  6. Recruitment of new staff and improvement of existing staff to raise the efficiency of the digital library’s technology.
  7. Develop the academic library branches to acquire equipment for accessing information resources within the network at the same standard.
The Goals of the library’s digital information services
  1. Develop information services to support education and the research of automatic  Library.
  2. Procure manufacturing and technical information resources in print media,  audiovisual, and electronic media to meet the educational needs of the university’s central and branch services.
  3. Promote training for library users to acquire the ability to use digital libraries effectively.
  4. Provide counseling services to advise users of information technology.
  5. Provided a satisfaction survey to measure the needs of users.
  6. Develop public relations to announce service activities of the bureau.
  7. Be a central source of information for people in both public and private sectors.
  8. Promote cooperation between libraries within the public and private sectors both foreign domestic.
  9. Improve services in accordance with ISO 9000 standards and other standards.
Goal to manage the central library
  1. Develop the information service stations to meet demands.
  2. Improve management structure in accordance with the digital library system.
  3. Provide library materials and equipment to suit the digital library system.
  4. Utilize the information technology systems and electronic document management in the central library.
  5. Continue to provide human resource development in information technology.
  6. Promote exchange of personnel knowledge in other service areas and technical areas between departments.
  7. Continue to provide a quality system for the staffs to improve the quality of service at all times and maintain ISO 9000 standards.
  8. Manage the budget according to the scale of the project.
  9. Provide the evaluation and report to the university.
  10. Promote information technology services to support groups and individuals in the fields of education and research.
  11. Continue to support the production and the use of information resources in the form of electronic media.