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Ǣ: I ask for final time blame involve to the librarians manner at Ramchumheng Bangna library. ( Ram 2 )
Ǣ: Singto Զع¹ 15, 2018, 06:07:57 PM
On Friday, last week in the evening; I was renting  a medical textbook from this the library. I was see a librarian who is elder and would for a long period working there at the counter on the ground floor. I took my physician book and my student card to her. And she reacted to me that Why your ID code had paled? and also made unsatisfied facial to me. So, I said ; My barcode on my student card was corroded, because it was eaten away by hydro. She had been still unsatisfied and also several times complained about it. In this sector: this the librarian unauthorized complain about it, because its unpredictable event, nobody intend to it occur, otherwise should to service mind suggest to me, didnt make rotten facial to me display indirect unsatisfied react to me. Moreover, she said: Had you taken term cost invoice come to? I said: No, I hadnt. She nothing reacted or even nothing suggestion. So I said: Not at all, I hadnt stressed, I only had taken it to read on my hobby.  I think this the librarian shouldnt display aggressive manner to me, she shouldnt aggressive, she is elder and exporter. I who is servicer must respect to you, because the library dont be of you or librarians. You should relearn to know Service Mind I really unbearable about your librarian who is bad service mind. I was high degree graduate and several times notice your librarians service mind, but it still had never been improved. Actually, I am not intend it to be significant, but I actually unable to clam down. Because, I saw this it to be normal!
Ǣ: Re: I ask for final time blame involve to the librarians manner at Ramchumheng Bangna library. ( Ram 2 )
Ǣ: varajit Զع¹ 21, 2018, 10:46:45 AM
Dear K. Singto,

Thank you for your complaint and we deeply apologize for your inconvenience and unsatisfied service that may annoy you. We will work with it immediately to improve our library service.

Would be better if you can specify date and time that you got service so we can work on it more directly.
Ǣ: Re: I ask for final time blame involve to the librarians manner at Ramchumheng Bangna library. ( Ram 2 )
Ǣ: Singto Զع¹ 22, 2018, 10:33:29 AM
Yes! All right. I was servicing on Friday, 16 June 2018, on 3.15 - 3.45 p.m. by approximately. At the main counter on the ground floor at Ramchumheang Bang-Na library. The librarian, she is actually bad service, furthermore without gently polite manners, also without comprehensible in working process: usually to clumsy in working process that is mainly consider to conveniently, whatever to a little bit inconvenient ignite to them fire that is independent of sacrificing and working morals. I ever once blamed about your librarians' working manners and also was opinion to annual evaluate working process document yours'. But I have noticed; your librarian someone still has former manners never improve her or his manners which is so rotten in his or her mind. It's depend on his or her deeply consciousness which its deeply fermentation, hardly dig its to better. It's boring dog and cat topic about your librarians' manner. If I still find he or she impolite manners to me, I'd directly argue to them.             Composed and Wrote by Pro. Singto