Dimension of Suggestion to Every Librarian In The Prestigious Institution

เริ่มโดย Singto, เมษายน 24, 2019, 07:02:36 PM

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Dear every librarian of Ramchumheang university where is the prestigious institute of thousands of citizen in this land. As long as I've serviced at your organization since I was the freshman there're both impression and exhaustion at your service mind. Yeah! I try to pay neglect and get away from falling out by no mean. And this's another special occasion 55! that I appeared my identity for purpose advice you to bear on maintenance and fixation systems your treasury; As mentioned earlier I've serviced at your organization since I was the freshman and I found that some textbooks at your treasury not only rather an expensive cost but also they were imported from international countries so they were manufactured by high modern process technology; therefore, they look attractive and more shinny than general kind of books. I usually rent kinds of these books from your organization because they can offer and support rely data to my cognitive but on the other hand I found that these kinds of books easily to decay or low stability especially their cover fronts and inner components such as pictures, many symbols, passages imprinted inside them are easily to pale when it's touched by hand or only it's touched by sweat or hydro liquid. By this reason, I extremely suggest you to much more regularly to inspect these kinds of books and it's better if you please to cover their cover fronts another time by high quality materials such as translucent glass paper quite a stick. Yeah! I think it'd make these high quality books much more stable and expand their lifespans as long as possible. OK! you should to do it as mentioned earlier before you take them put on their shelf. Please to take my perspective to see about!!! Sincerely Yours. Singto

Dear Singto

Thank you for your suggestion, we would take your advice for consideration.
We surely want to keep every books last long as possible while keep them friendly to use for every user.