It should be more permit the right of student who service to the campus library.

เริ่มโดย Singto, มีนาคม 11, 2020, 06:43:19 PM

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--- Dear to relevant officials of RAM library urgently think over my argument.
      Today in the morning, I've particular serviced at Bangna library. Typically, I am favor to read English newspaper ( Bangkok Post ) of there which is put on the shelf of it everyday on the first floor. However, I don't prefer to read it on the ground floor due to many of persons rather congest to read their books on this floor so I am always take it to read on the third floor of there instead.
      I don't prefer to an old female librarian of there. ( Bangna library ) She is elderly female, thin and her leg seems to be broken. She like to sit in front of the door gate of there. Her face seems not to be friendly to service. She saw me took the newspaper out of the first floor so she was immediately strong insist to me that " Don't to take the newspaper out of the first floor." without she didn't ask me for reason why I take it to read in other floor. Not only this but also this the librarian of Rambana 2 library seems to lack good speech manner to service student; in fact, she like to up her speech in her bad motion to me although it doesn't direct to show but her manner and her face it indicate to me know so I don't want to blame her and release to do according that.
This the librarian should be urgently consider herself in the mirror.
      In case of the newspaper if it was limited to read only in the limited zone; I am disagree to this measure because I'm client, I am not intend to rob or damage the document clearly only lend it to read in my comfortable zone beneath the library boundary and the newspaper which I read is typical magazine not be crucial more than thesis story or referent books as well as my newspaper where I read is entire English would nobody rather desire take it to read each day or some day it is put on the shelf without nobody pay attention to read it as equal it is put to air read. 
      Therefore, I'd like you consider and evolve this the measure as well as more open right of clients of the library are fully access to your media because of you're not exist the owner of Ramchumheang library.

                                                                                               Respectfully to your status.

Dear K.Singto

We would like to apologize for your inconvenience. We understand that you prefer reading the newspaper in another area apart from the crowded and you have no intention to steal it however, the library has to serve everyone equally. We hope you understand that the library has the rule to limited specific reading area for some type of resources, is not only to prevent the lost of our information resources, but also help us work easier to track back the resources when other users ask to use the same resources. As newspaper is the resources which is allowed to use in library only, to limit specific reading area helps librarian in any shift to notice it clearly that the resources is wether in used, on shelf or lost, so we can process to answer users or put it back on shelf.

For the mentioned staff, we apologize for the unsatisfied experience we hope you understand that she has to warn you according to the rule. We will process to improve our service.

However, we would consider both of your suggestion for further service improvement.