The regulation of using university center library.

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Hi, there. I'd like to know that when I require to use service from the university center library. What I have to use identifies for able to exactly being service? I require to rent textbook from there. I was a once go there, I saw automatic entrance gate,so I'm hesitated. Am I must use my student card? Could you please explain the processes of library using of the center university to me? Thanks.

You have to use your student card and tap it on the entrance card reader to access library.
If you want to borrow from library, you first have to become a member.
You can apply for library membership at circulation desk, and you need to show student ID card or passport or citizen ID card and current tuition fee receipt.

Please see this link below for borrowing allowances.

Thank you

์Nevertheless, I have already absolutely achieved apply to be your member at the brace of Bangna region.Because of I always service this brace and I also living here. So, Must I afresh apply to be your new member at the central library? I'm confusing right now! and I also never go to service at the central library even though a once. 

If you are already a member at Bangna,  you can also use the services at central library without having to register again.

Thank you