I'm so doubt. I confident, I've already sent my book which I lend from the library to you on 12 Sep.2017,but why the status of my borrowing on the system is still go on???

เริ่มโดย Singto, กันยายน 25, 2017, 09:43:46 PM

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According to I said at the topic above. I am absolutely confident I've already sent my book that I lend from the library to you at the counter on 12 September 2017. But I turn to so shocked, my book that I lend from the library has still been in the status of lending in the system which the book that I was borrow is "Diseases Of The Human Body" which was written by Carol D. Tamparo" The deadline of being sent to the library is on 14 September 2017, but I sent this book to the library since 12 September 2017. I'm so much suspected and worried right now. Furthermore, In the system also inform to me I am fined 30 baths. Could you please to inspect; Has this the book been in the book shell yet?

I must highly apologize to you that I perform to yours confuse and upset. I myself who incorrect and misunderstand that insist on I've already sent the book to you,but actually it difference textbook and difference book code. Actually, I forgot this book that I didn't sent at the library then librarian was keep at the bookshelf. My lastest book that I lend is " Biology of Human " which I've already sent before. It very fortunate that this book that I forgot, didn't lost, otherwise I would be fined five times of the cost of book according to the regulation. It mean that the cost of this book that I forgot is 2,000 baths. I must pay to you for 10,000 baths. OHH! I wouldn't like imagine. I wouldn't for a long time lend book from the library from now on,because I dare to make book lost and I also easy forget. And I inform to you make sense and forgive to me.